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Rhythm of eSports

admin | December 9, 2018

Reaching a new Pinnacle

Indian gaming industry to add 200+ million gamer(s) and become a USD one billion opportunity by 2021, from USD 290 million today.

An average Indian gamer is introduced to gaming through their friends, family and peer group, is engaged in gaming for stress relief and social interaction, prefers puzzle, action and adventure games.

Indian Gaming Market

The advent of India’s online gaming industry can be dated back to 2000s, when console and PC gaming brought several middle-income group Indians on digital gaming platforms. During mid 2000s, online gaming was largely in the form of social games. This adoption was facilitated primarily through global games by international developers. Indian development ecosystem acted primarily as service providers for international developers. Since then, India has been a volume based story enabled by rise in internet penetration and increase in gamer user base.

The gaming consumers market, characterized by large volumes, is rising fast in terms usage and monetisation with regards to PC, Console and Smartphone based. The local development is characterized by highly skilled manpower and expertise.

In the future, India is expected to move towards value driving consumption and comprehensive local development. The industry is expected to gain momentum and reach a market value of 1 billion USD and ~310 million online gamer(s) by 2021.

Understanding the Future

India is steadily moving towards value driving consumption, with increased focus on local development. India is moving towards improved age and gender parity among online gamers. The majority will continue to play on mobile devices in 2021 but the PRO gamers prefer to play in large screens primarily PC. The smartphone give a massive push to gamers for going PC towards their competency, career and pride.

International Recognition

Asian Games 2018: India’s lone eSports medallist Tirth Mehta relives Jakarta high. The 23-year-old from Bhuj, won the bronze medal at the esports event at the Asian Games, the lone Indian to take the podium in the demonstration event. It’s been a whirlwind couple of days since then, what with surprise welcome ceremonies at the airport, promises of “we’ll get you recognition from the Centre” from local politicians and words of encouragement from Indian athletes.

Internet Penetration

By 2021, there will be about 635.8 million internet users in India. … Furthermore, men dominated internet usage in India with 71 percent to women’s 29 percent. Indians often turn to mobile internet, as the large majority of the digital population in India were mobile internet users in 2016. But this led to evolution of thinking casual gamers to become PRO gamers and take it up as their real profession and pride which is largely comes from PC based games.

Profession Opportunity

Global giants see big gaming play in India. Global internet giants Google, Microsoft and several others are coming together to chase the highly lucrative gaming market in India by forming the Indian Digital Gaming Society (IDGS), which will advocate, catalyse and facilitate the growth and capability building of the gaming industry in India.

Gaming University

UNESCO To Soon Set Up Gaming University In Andhra Pradesh

Visakhapatnam will soon have a Design university for gaming which will be set up by UNESCO, specialised agency of United Nations. The UNESCO delegation on July 4 entered into an agreement with the Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board for the establishment of a gaming digital learning hub.

For the installation of the same, the agency has asked Andhra Pradesh’s chief minister, N Chandrababu Naidu to allocate a land area of around 100 acres. The hub is being seen as potential medium for creating around 50,000 jobs in 10 years

Gaming is a productive industry and a money yielding career path in developed countries like the U.S. Universities specializing in e-sports, gaming hardware curriculum is on the rise.

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